Stephen is an adept visual designer with many years commercial experience in digital, graphic and visual design. His expansive career gives him a great understanding of people and perspectives and he brings proven knowledge, process and a different point of view to any project. His work is driven by creative problem-solving and an innate curiosity. Over the years, he has had the privilege of designing for numerous businesses, agencies, organisations, and individuals delivering ideas and designs that have made a difference.

Case Study 01


Helping to create a user experience concept and wireframe for an alcohol selling B2B website.

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Reeact is a conceptual UX design project for an AI powered time saving mobile and watch app.

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Case Study 02
UI Case Studies

UI Design

Conceptual and front-end UI design for websites across a range of industries.

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Other Work

I am also an accomplished and experienced graphic and visual designer and have worked across many industries and in many design roles giving me a breath of understanding and knowledge that helps make me a better UX designer.

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